The Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) announced today (Jan. 24) that it has launched AeroCareers.net, a new website for recruiting talent not just to avionics manufacturers and service providers, but to the entire aviation industry. The site puts a spotlight on the wide range of potential career pathways and includes links to employment opportunities, available scholarships, aviation education institutions, resources for veterans, guidance for educators, information on earning potential and more.

AEA President and CEO Mike Adamson noted that industry professionals involved in developing AeroCareers understand that careers in aerospace can take “many forms.” He said, “Business owners, aircraft technicians, pilots, engineers, marketers and manufacturers all joined the effort to sharpen the focus on opportunities in aerospace and make the path to success easier to navigate. It is a resource for anyone interested in aviation and something the entire industry can use when promoting careers.”

In addition to answers to frequently asked questions, the website also showcases individual industry professionals from a wide range of segments of the industry. “Each individual offers advice and outlines their personal career pathway to help inspire the next generation of aerospace professionals,” according to AEA.

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