Boeing has signed an agreement with Aireon to access the space-based ADS-B service provider’s flight data stream. According to Boeing, it will use the stream “to expand its advanced data analytics capabilities in its effort to further strengthen commercial air travel safety.” Via the agreement, Aireon will provide historical aircraft data and near real-time aircraft event data to Boeing through its AireonINSIGHTS product.

“The power of the Aireon data unlocks a cache of information for Boeing regarding the operations of its aircraft in the global airspace,” said Aireon CEO Don Thoma. “With this integration, Boeing will have data to provide a full operational view of its fleet, and we are excited to partner with them.”

Boeing plans to integrate the ADS-B data into its safety analytics tools as part of the implementation of an enterprise Safety Management System (SMS). The company says the information will provide information that will allow it to “proactively identify hazards and monitor emerging safety trends.” AireonINSIGHTS offers information including airport and airspace events, ongoing flight data, safety events and location alerts using a combination of Aireon’s worldwide, real-time space-based ADS-B data and contextual data such as infrastructure, weather, avionics, aircraft registry and scheduling.

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