The Northeast Alabama Regional Airport (KGAD), also known as Gadsden Airport, is the latest airfield to vote on decommissioning its crosswind runway.

On Tuesday, the City Council approved the Gadsden Airport Authority’s earlier decision to decommission Runway 18-36. Given the City’s partnership with the authority in managing the facility, its approval was necessary.

The airport’s main runway, 6-24 sits at 6,802 feet long by 150 feet wide whereas the crosswind runway, 18-36, is roughly 5,000 feet long and 100 feet wide.

Local media, The Tuscaloosa News, reported that a study was done last year on the utility of the crosswind runway which concluded that landing on the main runway was feasible 99 percent of the time. According to the source, the decision to decommission the crosswind runway was supported by both pilots and the city council since the crosswind runway would no longer be receiving grant funding. Additionally, by decommissioning the runway, the airport could come up with a new master plan layout which officials believe is key for economic grow.

Recently, the City Council approved an agreement for the construction of 28 new T-hangars and potentially box hangars on the field. Moreover, the city was in talks of expanding the main runway to 11,000 feet to bring in more business and opportunities for Gadsden and its community.

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