Yet another airline passenger faces criminal charges for assaulting a flight attendant. According to a Fox News report, American Airlines passenger Robert Croizat pleaded guilty to attacking the cabin crew because of a dispute over choices on the in-flight menu on a flight from Barbados to Miami.

According to a criminal complaint made public by the New York Post, on March 8, Croizat berated flight attendants when he was told vegetarian meals were available only in first class. According to the court records, the passenger was angry “because he believed [the flight attendant] had been rude to him.” He is also accused of pushing one flight attendant after she told him not to touch her; refusing to sit down when instructed to do so; and demanding that the cabin crew “get the captain out here,” according to the complaint.

After more pushing and shoving involving more flight attendants and some other passengers, Croizat, who admitted to having two drinks on board the flight, finally took his seat, though he continued to complain.

The captain contacted air traffic control and said there had been an attempt to breach the cockpit and Croizat was arrested after the flight landed in Miami. According to his attorney, the felony charge of “interference with a flight crew” was reduced to a misdemeanor assault charge. In a statement, the attorney said, “This incident was entirely out of character for Mr. Croizat and represented an overreaction which he regrets.”

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