Ukraine authorities have charged the former head of Antonov with “official negligence” for failing to get the An-225 out of the country before Russian troops invaded the airport where it was located in March of 2022. According to AirLive.net, the Ukraine Security Service (SBU) allege Serhii Bychkov was supposed to order the plane flown to Liepzig, Germany if it was in danger but didn’t do it. The cargo plane, the world’s largest and considered a national treasure in Ukraine, was destroyed when Russian troops overtook its home base of Gostomel Airport.

“According to the investigation, on the eve of the full-scale invasion, the An-225 was in proper technical condition, which allowed it to fly outside Ukraine,” the SBU said in a statement. “Instead, the general director of the company did not give appropriate instruction regarding the evacuation of Mriya abroad. Such criminal actions of the official led to the destruction of the Ukrainian transport plane.”

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