At least two people are confirmed dead and an unknown number injured after a Challenger 604 business jet with a dual engine failure collided with a car during a landing attempt on Interstate 75 in Naples Florida Friday. A transcript of the last ATC exchange was obtained by the Naples Daily News. Pilot: “Okay, Challenger, Hop-A-Jet 823, lost both engines, emergency. I’m making an emergency landing.” Controller: “I’ve got an emergency. Clear to land Runway 23.”  Pilot: “We’re clear to land but we’re not gonna make the runway. We’ve lost both engines.”  The plane appears to have landed intact but was mostly consumed by fire. Video above is from NBC News.

There were reportedly five people onboard the aircraft but it wasn’t clear how many were in the car. The flight originated at Ohio State University Airport in Columbus. Hop-A-Jet is a charter based in Fort Lauderdale and operates four Challengers, including the crash airplane, and a Learjet 60. The accident took place about five miles from the airport on the other side of the resort city. The plane took off about 12:30 and the accident occurred about 3:10 local time.


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