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Delta Air Lines is partnering with ATP Flight School on the launch of a new entry point into the Delta Propel Pilot Career Path program designed specifically for ATP’s certified flight instructors.

In order to qualify, the CFIs must have earned their instrument rating, commercial certificate, and flight instructor certificate at ATP Flight School. Applicants must also be actively flying as an ATP CFI and are required to have between 500 to 1,250 total flight hours.

Each candidate will undergo a comprehensive selection process that includes an application review, Aon assessment, and interview. Those that make the cut will receive a qualified job offer (QJO) from Delta and an assigned Propel pilot mentor. Once selected, the candidates will serve as captains at Endeavor Air for a minimum of 24 months, and then will have the opportunity to transition to Delta.

“Introducing this new entry point into the Propel program expands the career prospects for ATP flight instructors by providing a clear and defined path to Delta Air Lines,” said Michael Arnold, vice president of marketing at ATP Flight School. “ATP is excited for the opportunities this brings to our graduates, allowing them to take advantage of the best competitive offers while at the same time increasing Delta’s access to the most professional instructor group in the industry.”

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