The U.S. House of Representatives has passed what it calls the “bipartisan and bicameral [supported by both House and Senate]” Advanced Air Mobility Coordination and Leadership Act. The legislation directs the U.S. Department of Transportation to bring together an interagency working group that will also engage industry to “evaluate, plan, and coordinate efforts regarding the safety, infrastructure, and security of the developing AAM [Advanced Air Mobility] ecosystem in the United States.”

The act is based on the House’s November 2021 Advanced Air Mobility Coordination and Leadership Act, developed by Rep. Sharice Davids, D-Kan., Vice-Chair of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. She said, “If we want to keep leading the world in aviation, we can’t wait for technologies to come to us. Today, Members from both sides of the aisle showed they are ready to take advantage of the next wave of transportation innovation by passing the Advanced Air Mobility Coordination and Leadership Act. And, I’ll note, Kansas is home to a skilled aviation workforce with a proud history. I can’t wait to harness the huge economic potential of advanced air mobility for our state.”

Committee Chair Pete DiFazio, D-Ore., cited the opportunity to improve coordination, not just among government agencies, but also tapping industry stakeholders “to ensure the safety of the flying public as new technologies are integrated into U.S. airspace.”

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