Cathay Pacific has sent a memo to pilots warning them to keep their speed up while taxiing or face unspecified action from management. According to the memo, obtained by the South China Morning Post, the Hong Kong Airport Authority complained to the airline that the pokey pilots were causing delays and congestion at the busy airport. “The Airport Authority advised us that their data indicated that some Cathay Pacific aircraft were taxiing at a considerably slower speed than other operators for both arrivals and departures,” the memo said.

The airline said in the memo that pilots should be taxiing at 15-20 knots in most areas and up to 30 knots when feasible. It said it would be keeping an eye on the taxiways and if they spot a slow taxi offender “we will follow up with the relevant commander and then take any further action that may be required.” Officially, the pilots union has offered the vague explanation for the slow taxiing, blaming it on “low morale.” Pilots have rejected the explanation circulating that pilots are padding their paychecks now that they’re paid for the actual time spent on a trip rather than the expected flight time. Cathy pilots spent two years of the pandemic in almost constant quarantine and when it ended they took pay cuts to help keep the struggling carrier afloat.

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