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“The next generation of experimental sport utility.”

That’s how the folks at Comp Air Aviation describe the Comp Air 6.2 high-wing speedster. The prototype made its public debut last week at EAA’s AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The prototype aircraft, painted red, white, and blue was displayed on amphibious floats. The airframe can also be mounted on tricycle gear.

Larger Than the Competition

According to Comp Air, the 6.2 is a combination of size and speed. The cabin measures 52-inches wide and has room for six people–or fewer people and a whole lot of camping gear, as the useful load of the CA6.2 is 2,000 pounds.

For comparison, the Cessna 206, another six-place aircraft on the market, has a cabin width of 43 inches.

The Comp Air 6.2 is made from carbon fiber, resulting in an airframe that is both light and strong, and with a pedigree to back it—as Comp Air Aviation has a storied history in the kitplane world—employing the latest technology backed by years of experience to create kits that are buildable in both fit and finish.

“Careful attention has been paid to making sure that a builder can do the job properly, swiftly, and with confidence,” notes a Comp Air media release. “Modern carbon composite fabrication techniques minimize construction complications while the additional availability of a Builder Assistance Center can all but guarantee a speedy —and worry-free—construction process.”

According to the company, “The quick build features molded into the composite parts will get you airborne much faster than previous generations of composite experimental aircraft, and the new assembly techniques remove the need for complicated lamination techniques by joining formed parts with specialized adhesives, making this a robust, but light airframe.”

The Comp Air 6.2 is powered by a 350 hp Lycoming capable of cruising at 185 knots.

The base price of the Comp Air 6.2 is approximately $195,000.

Comp Air 6.2 Specifications


Manufacturer: LycomingModel: IO-580-AC1AHorsepower: 325 at sea levelTBO: 2,000 hours


Manufacturer: McCauleyBlades: ThreeType: Constant speed


Length: 31 feet, 1 inchWingspan: 40 feetHeight: 12 feet, 5.5 inchesCabin Width: 52 inchesCabin Height 45.5 inches


Wing Area: 208.5 square feetWing Loading: 21.5 pounds/square feetAspect Ratio: 8.2


Max Cruise: 175 ktasEconomy Cruise: 173 ktas at 8,200 feet (75 percent power)Stall Speed: 62 knots with flaps


Empty weight: 2,500 poundsGross weight: 4,500 poundsUseful load: 2,000 pounds


Seating: six places + baggageMaximum range: 840 nm at 6,500 feet with reserveService ceiling: 15,700 feetClimb rate at gross: 125

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