A Florida company says it plans to electrify two iconic amphibious flying boat designs to create efficient and versatile regional commuter planes. Maxwell Aircraft, of Bartow, Florida says it will develop electrified versions of the Lake Renegade/Seawolf and the Gweduck, a carbon fibre take on Grumman amphibs that’s between a Widgeon and a Goose in size. The company says that without the high energy demand of vertical takeoffs and landings in eVTOLs, the electric amphibs will offer greater range (up to 170 miles with a 30 mile reserve) with cruise speeds of up to 135 knots.

The Gweduck remake, known as the M1, will first be offered as a kit with two 300 horsepower motors and reversible props for dock handling. It will carry a payload of 800 pounds up to 170 miles at 135 knots and is intended to take advantage of the low cost and convenience of coastal city harbors to deliver passengers downtown to downtown. It will first be sold as a kit and then the company hopes to build a certified version. The E Lake will go 110 miles and carry a payload of 550 pounds. It will have a 285 horsepower motor. More details, including pricing, will be available later this year.

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