Bothell, Washington-based Greenpoint Technologies will show a 1/20 scale model of its interior-completion design for the Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) 777X for the first time at the upcoming European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) trade show in Geneva, Switzerland. The cutaway model will feature Greenpoint’s V-VIP (very, very important person) Zen interior concept, “an exclusive retreat for the sophisticated jetsetter seeking a profound connection with nature.” The EBACE show runs from May 23 – 25.

According to Greenpoint, its designers “incorporated organic elements including biophilia and sustainable, natural materials to cultivate a serene and harmonious environment. The result is a modern and technologically advanced aircraft cabin epitomizing tranquility.” Greenpoint senior design director, Annika Svore Wicklund, said, “With the B777X’s abundant space, impressive range, and unmatched comfort, the design possibilities are limitless.”

The market for designing interiors for such aircraft has seen a bump recently, according to the company. Greenpoint vice president of sales & marketing Chad Thorne said, “Over the past year, we witnessed a steady recovery and restored confidence in the V-VIP completion and refurbishment markets, and a significant increase in Head-of-State programs. As part of this recovery, undisclosed clients awarded Greenpoint two V-VIP Boeing 787-9 interior completions, one Boeing BBJ refurbishment, and multiple Head-of-State programs.”

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