On Sunday, four light aircraft flew where none have flown since 9/11 as a dress rehearsal for a mass flyby of Washington, D.C., set for May 11. AOPA President Mark Baker, in AOPA’s Cessna Caravan, led the flight, which included AOPA VP of Airports and State Advocacy Mike Ginter (A36 Bonanza), CNN Contributor Pete Muntean (Super Decathlon) and Adam Williams in a Rockwell Commander. The flight of four went right through downtown Washington, including arguably the most secure patch of airspace on the planet, known as area P-56, which included the White House, National Mall and the vice president’s residence. On May 11, the skies above will be filled with more than 60 GA aircraft.

Baker will lead the May 11 formation in his Beech Staggerwing. The aircraft with him will represent the history and diversity of GA aircraft spanning about 100 years. From the Golden Age through the post-war era to current state-of-the-art designs, all sectors of GA, including backcountry flying, seaplanes, corporate and business aviation, technically advanced aircraft, experimental homebuilts, airshow performers and helicopters, will be represented. The flight will be livestreamed on AOPA’s YouTube channel.

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