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Elon Musk set his X-verse all a twitter on Saturday by reiterating his aerial aspirations for his Tesla car company.

“The new Tesla Roadster can fly,” he said in a post in what seems like a response to another X post on the social platform that he also owns.

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Musk first teased the concept in the ill-fated interview with former X contributor Don Lemon when he described the new Tesla as “something that’s never existed before” with “Jetsons vibes.”

As always, Musk is tight-lipped about details of the new whatever-it-is, and his reaction to his seemingly straightforward post invoked skepticism and derision. Musk announced the new model electric car in 2017, and there is still no timeline on its unveiling.

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Musk did reiterate that the new Tesla will accelerate from zero to 60 mph in less than a second and that it is a collaboration with SpaceX.

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