A local company says it plans to build the first eVTOL terminal and charging station at Oshkosh’s Wittman Regional Airport this coming fall. Volatus Infrastructure said the $500,000 facility will be ready for customers before any customers are likely to be approved for commercial sale. Volatus spokeswoman Sheena Baker said the company wants to ensure facilities are in place to advance the industry. “If you look at Tesla, the cars came out, but no chargers did,” Banker said. “We’re trying to be ahead of that.” 

The eVTOL facility will be built next to the new Wittman terminal building, and Volatus co-founder Grant Fisk said he doesn’t think he’ll have to wait long for customers. “Eight months from now, these vehicles will be available to purchase by anyone anywhere in the world,” he said. “We, along with many communities, want to make sure we are ready for this technology.” 

The location at the site of the world’s largest aviation event was welcomed by EAA. “Supply chain and infrastructure have to come at the same time as the product. This shows that it’s possible,” EAA spokesman Dick Knapinski said. “It’s not just a toy; there’s actual infrastructure being put in place.”

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