The FAA has confirmed that Lirio Liu, the Executive Director of the Aircraft Certification Service will retire next month. “Lirio Liu plans to retire from the FAA at the end of June after 33 years with the agency. The FAA has not selected a permanent replacement,” the agency said in a statement. “We continually develop leaders to ensure a seamless transition when senior officials depart.” Liu is also the co-chair of the End Aviation Gasoline Lead Emissions and will presumably be leaving that post.

Meanwhile, the other co-chair of EAGLE Curt Castagna says he will continue in that role and also as president of the National Air Transportation Association after he was fired by the owners of the hangar leasing company he managed in California a month ago. Aerolease Associates LLC is also suing Castagna, alleging he used company funds and resources to benefit his own competing company. Castagna downplayed his change of circumstances in an interview with AVweb. “I have a 40-year history in the industry that speaks for itself,” he said adding that he believes the issues with his former employer will be worked out. “We just have to unravel this in a rational way.”

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