The FAA has approved expansion of uAvionix’s Approved Model List (AML) for its AV-30C Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS). The ruling adds more than 190 models of high-performance single and light twin aircraft. The AV-30C is priced at less than $2,300.

Originally available for experimental aircraft, the AV-30C was STC certified for approved production aircraft in September 2020. The 3-inch panel display can serve as either a primary attitude indicator (AI) or directional gyro (DG). The unit also includes a probeless angle of attack indicator, baro-corrected altitude, combination indicated/vertical/true airspeed indication, bus voltage readout, G-load readings and GPS data.

Now available in the experimental market and undergoing certification are autopilot control, ADS-B traffic support through the AV-Link Wi-Fi adapter and magnetic DG aiding through AV-Mag, according to uAvionix.

Among the 190 new types now approved for the AV-30C are models from Beechcraft, Piper, Tecnam, Air Tractor, Cirrus and Extra, said uAvionix.

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