ForeFlight announced today (Feb. 1) it has teamed with Apple to design Voyager, an advanced 3D airport application exclusively for Apple’s $3,499 Vision Pro virtual reality goggle platform. Targeting what ForeFlight refers to as aviation enthusiasts, Voyager “combines satellite imagery, high-resolution terrain and live traffic data to bring each airport to life in 3D on top of a floating disk that users can view from any angle.”

Company CEO Tim Schuetze said, “ForeFlight is excited to deliver this unique 3D airport exploration experience to aviation enthusiasts with Apple Vision Pro. This exciting new spatial computing platform enables us to deliver all-new experiences that were never before possible, and the new Voyager app is a great example of our continued innovation.”

While Vision Pro is priced $3,000 higher than established virtual reality goggle competitor Quest 3, it offers significantly higher resolution for its imaging. Initially targeting professional applications as well as recreational markets, Vision Pro also has high-resolution outward-looking cameras that can present a real-time, real-world view of the environment surrounding the user. That view can be combined with the selected image in a hybrid display of the game or other environment.

ForeFlight’s Voyager application includes connectivity with live traffic feeds for selected airports, enabling “aviation enthusiasts” to view actual real-time aircraft, their altitudes and heading information along with high-resolution images of the airport environment and surrounding terrain. Could reference to ForeFlight’s “continued innovation” suggest the possibility that today’s virtual “floating disks” might someday be replaced by in-flight advanced “head-up” capabilities in low visibility?

Asked to comment on the possibilities of in-flight applications of the Voyager technology, a ForeFlight spokesperson responded, “We’re excited about the potential future applications of the Vision Pro but can only speak to the app our team has created. While ForeFlight Mobile is designed to be used for preflight planning and inflight situational awareness, Voyager was created for aviation enthusiasts to immerse themselves in aviation in a fun and exciting new way.”

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