ForeFlight is expanding its ADS-B product suite with the introduction of its new Sentry Plus portable ADS-B receiver. Device features include ADS-B In weather and traffic, WAAS GPS, carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring and alerting and AHRS pitch and bank. The Sentry Plus also offers a 1.3-inch OLED screen, G-load meter, high-performance flight data recorder and 18-hour battery life.

“We continue to expand the Sentry family of affordable ADS-B products with the most advanced portable receiver yet,” said ForeFlight President Tim Schuetze. “Sentry Plus combines the best of previous devices with new innovations to make flying and logging even easier—for every kind of pilot. We’re proud to offer the only device on the market combining so many powerful features in such a compact and affordable device.”

According to the company, Sentry Plus’ antennas are optimized for concurrent UAT and European FLARM reception. The device was developed in collaboration with and is manufactured by uAvionix. Unit price for the Sentry Plus is $799.

Video: ForeFlight

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