ForeFlight subscription prices increased by 20 percent today. The company posted the new prices on the subscription page of its website late last month. New-purchase plans and renewals will be subject to the new pricing as of March 22.

The cost of the Basic Plus level is now $120 per year (up from $99.99); Pro Plus is now $240 (up from $199.99); and Performance Plus is now $360 (up from $299.99). There will be no impact on the cost of ongoing subscriptions until renewal time, except for legacy (pre-Plus) Basic and Performance plans, which will be discontinued at their renewal date, and subscribers must then go to the ForeFlight website to upgrade to a Plus plan (no autorenewal).

ForeFlight, which was acquired by Boeing in March 2019, explained, “In the more than five years since we introduced the Plus plans, we’ve worked hard to continually add value for all customers while keeping prices unchanged. We’re making this adjustment now to reflect our ever-growing investments to give you the most advanced integrated flight app available. We remain as committed as ever to our mission of making your flight planning easier and your flying safer and more enjoyable, and we sincerely appreciate your business.”

ForeFlight Basic Plus includes VFR and IFR charts, flight planning, aviation weather and traffic, and logbook (with online sync/backup); Pro Plus adds geo-referenced plates, profile view, turbulence and icing layers, and synthetic vision; Performance Plus adds advanced flight planning, pre-departure clearance, and Airport 3D view.

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