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General Aviation Modifications Inc. (GAMI) says it will issue a detailed response to Cirrus Aircraft’s recent service advisory discouraging the use of GAMI’s G100UL unleaded fuel in its SR series aircraft.

In a statement to AVweb, GAMI said the service advisory appears to be linked to a single incident in which the sealant used in the fuel tank had unbonded in a company aircraft that had been fueled with G100UL. GAMI says there are indications the unbonded sealant had nothing to do with the fuel, but because the tank was not inspected before the unleaded fuel was introduced there’s no way to prove whether the fuel was a factor.

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In its service advisory, Cirrus said the materials compatibility of the fuel is “inconclusive.”

GAMI also noted that the fuel has been used in other aircraft with the same sealant with no issues.

“GAMI’s SR22 has had G100UL in the fuel tanks for most of the last 14 years. Recently, Cirrus engineers and management inspected the interior of those tanks, in person, using a borescope and found no evidence of any debonding by any of the factory applied sealant in that aircraft,” the company said in its statement.

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GAMI is also disputing Cirrus’s claim that use of G100UL voids the warranties on engines supplied by Lycoming and Continental and used in its aircraft. The engine warranties both state that they will not cover damage from the use of “non-approved fuel,” but GAMI noted the FAA has approved G100UL for all models of Lycoming and Continental gasoline engines. 

AVweb has contacted Lycoming and Continental for clarification on warranty coverage for engines using G100UL.

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