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One of the laws of learning is that the more intense or exciting an experience is, the more learning will take place. GE Digital is adding Flight Data Animation to FlightPulse, the electronic flight bag application, for more intense representations for flight for training and safety, FlightPulse will enable pilots to have a more realistic training scenario through the application of software.

The company announced the release of Flight Data Animation Tuesday at the U.K.’s Farnborough International Airshow. According to GE Digital, “The animation provides realistic visual tools to facilitate pilot training and debriefing post-flight to identify compliance and safety hazards.

“Flight data animation can be used to validate and investigate flight events and assist with pilot operational or airport awareness training.” 

[Courtesy: GE Digital]

The animation module comes from GE Digital partner Applied Informatics and Research Inc. (AIRINC), a Canadian software firm that provides aviation products and data services to the aerospace industry. GE Digital has been working with AIRCINC since February to create the animation tool.

Flight Data Animation can be used to validate and investigate flight events and assist with pilot operational or airport awareness training by using software to build realistic animations of flights down to the replication of cockpit instrumentation and advanced flight path reconstruction.

“Operating our flights in the safest and most efficient manner is our core objective, and we continuously strive to adopt the latest tools and technology to achieve this goal,” says Capt. Hassan AlHammadi, divisional senior vice president of flight operations for Emirates. “We successfully released FlightPulse to our pilots in August 2021. Now we are working on adding the Flight Data Animation module in FlightPulse, and to release this to our pilots in near future. This will further empower our pilots and help them operate their flights in a safe and efficient way.” 

Andrew Coleman, general manager of GE Digital’s Aviation Software business adds, “FlightPulse is designed to provide pilots with insights and information to enable them to make smarter decisions around safety and fuel consumption.”

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