Canadian authorities are investigating the death of a glider pilot whose parachute failed after he bailed out of the aircraft while competing in the Canadian National Soaring Championships. Kerry Stevenson, 65, of Calgary, was flying near there May 29 when something went wrong. “The pilot ejected from the aircraft, attempted to deploy a parachute and unfortunately succumbed to the injuries because of the failed parachute deployment,” said Jason Acker, president of the Alberta Soaring Council. “Clearly, something catastrophic happened and motivated the pilot to take that heroic decision to leave the airplane.”

The chain of events occurred about 1:30 p.m. local time about 12 miles southwest of Calgary. Stevenson was a well-known and respected pilot who was an instructor and former president at the Cu Nim Gliding Club, which was hosting the competition. The club said Stevenson “helped shape the flying careers of many Cu Nim glider pilots over many years as a reliable and supportive flight instructor and shaped the club as a long-serving past president.” The Transportation Safety Board is investigating.

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