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Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL), the India-based manufacturer of the Hindustan-228 aircraft, has selected Genesys Aerosystems’ autopilot for its flight deck.

The S-TEC 4000R Autopilot adds advanced functions not previously available in the HAL-manufactured commuter aircraft fleet. The update introduces the latest digital autopilot system on the Hindustan-228 platform while adding extra features like VNAV, envelope protection, and alerting, straight-and-level recovery mode, and search-and-rescue capabilities. 

In a statement, Nick Bogner, director of business development for Genesys, said, “We are pleased to partner with HAL to equip the Hindustan-228 aircraft with expanded operational capabilities found in the S-TEC 4000R system. HAL will benefit from high reliability and long-term support for their customers.”

HAL is a state-owned aerospace and defense company established more than 80 years ago, making it one of the oldest and largest aerospace and defense manufacturers in the world today. In 2017, the transport aircraft division of HAL in Kanpur, India, received permission from India’s civil aviation authority to make a commercial version of the aircraft derived from the historical Dornier Do-228 twin turboprop. 

This upgraded version is the Hindustan-228, a 19-seat commuter aircraft for regional air connectivity in India and is being used by Alliance Air in India. Its predecessor gained fame among pilots for its utility on short- and high-altitude airports, such as those found in northern India’s and Nepal’s Himalayan regions. 

The aircraft made its public debut this year at the Dubai Airshow. 

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