Flying Whales, which is developing a new LCA60T hybrid airship in Canada, has announced that Honeywell’s new purpose-built one megawatt aviation generator will power the aircraft. The Quebec-based company is building a rigid airship buoyed by 180,000 cubic meters of helium that the company says can lift and carry 132,000 pounds. It will have electric motors for propulsion, and that’s where the lightweight turbine-powered generator comes in.

“Honeywell’s one megawatt generator is a perfect fit for a transformational aircraft like the LCA60T,” said Dave Marinick, president, Engines & Power Systems, Honeywell Aerospace. “Our generator is four times as powerful as any other generator flying today, and at unmatched power density. We believe in creating a more sustainable future for aviation, and our work with FLYING WHALES is helping bring that future to life.” The first flight of the airship is slated for the end of the 2025 and the company sees roles in mining, remote community cargo and humanitarian relief among its potential markets.

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