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Welcome aboard a new episode of “Inside Aviation,” where we’re talking about aircraft marketplaces and new airlines. 

In this episode, we delve into how is leveraging transparency to influence its platform’s features and impact aircraft pricing and customer decisions. We’ll also have a conversation with David Neeleman from Breeze Airways to discuss the airline’s approach in the industry.

In addition, we address the recent challenges Boeing is facing, providing insights into what this means for the aviation sector. Tune in to “Inside Aviation” for an in-depth look at these topics as we unpack the dynamics shaping today’s aviation landscape.

Ian Hoyt: The Transparency Maestro of

This week’s episode of “Inside Aviation” takes a deep dive into the world of online aircraft marketplaces with a focus on Aircraft For Sale, a new platform launched in 2023. The segment features Ian Hoyt, the director of marketplace for Aircraft For Sale by FLYING, discussing the company’s mission to revolutionize the way people buy and sell airplanes.

Traditionally, buying an aircraft has been a complex and opaque process. Hoyt highlights the challenges faced by potential buyers, including difficulty finding accurate information on listings and a lack of user-friendly online tools. Aircraft For Sale aims to address these issues by providing a more transparent and accessible marketplace.

The platform boasts several features designed to streamline the buying experience. Users benefit from a mobile-friendly interface and informative listings that go beyond the basics. Aircraft For Sale even offers PlanePrice estimates, a valuable tool that helps buyers gauge the market value of a particular aircraft.

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David Neeleman: Crafting the Next Airline

Later in the episode, the hosts are joined by “serial” airline founder Neeleman to talk about the commercial aviation sector along with his most recent work building Breeze Airways.

Neeleman’s airline industry career began in 1984 with the co-founding of Morris Air, a low-cost carrier that challenged the industry with a focus on efficiency. Morris Air operated from secondary airports with a single aircraft type, allowing it to offer significantly lower fares. 

Neeleman’s entrepreneurial spirit didn’t stop with Morris Air. He went on to found several airlines catering to specific markets. He identified an opportunity in Canada and established WestJet, a successful low-cost carrier. Returning to his Brazilian roots, he founded Azul Brazilian Airlines, which focuses on connecting underserved regions within the country. Innovation and value for a specific customer segment were common threads across his ventures. 

JetBlue, perhaps his most recognizable airline, brought affordability and customer focus to the U.S. market in becoming a major domestic player.

Neeleman’s relentless pursuit of innovation continues. While overseeing existing airlines, he launched Breeze Airways to focus on flights to underserved American markets. He currently holds the CEO title at Breeze, which has expanded rapidly since its inception in 2021. 

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