Jeppesen is advising its subscribers to get NOTAMs from their sources after it was hit by unspecified “technical issues” on Thursday. “This disruption is also impacting the receipt and processing of new NOTAMs and distribution of current NOTAMs,” says a notice highlighted in red at the top of the Jeppesen homepage. The disruption also affected Foreflight’s NOTAM service. Both companies are Boeing subsidiaries. It announced Saturday that it had switched to the FAA feed to restore most of its NOTAM service. “Graphical NOTAMs map layer is still not receiving new or updated NOTAMs,” Foreflight said in a notice on its Web site.

Jepp hasn’t discussed the source of the disruption but at least one publication, quoting anonymous sources, said it was a ransomware attack. The service disruption caused widespread flight planning issues. Jepp is only accepting support requests via email at support.jeppesen.com

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