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Air racing could be coming to Las Vegas very soon if the team behind that city’s planned spaceport has its way. The group has scheduled the Las Vegas Air Races for October 25 to 27, 2024, at the spaceport.

The timeline promises to be challenging, in part because the Las Vegas Spaceport has not been built yet. A parcel of land between Las Vegas and Pahrump, Nevada, is earmarked for the facility, though, and the event’s organizers say they will bring the necessary elements together in time.

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The announcement follows the news from earlier this year that the World Championship Air Races held in Reno, Nevada, for decades will not continue after the 2023 event. While the spaceport group says its planned races include classes like warbirds, jets and formula one aircraft, it is not clear whether they intend to create an event with essentially the same cast as the outgoing Reno races. The Reno Air Racing Association, or RARA, has not responded to a request for comment.

According to the recent announcement the Las Vegas races will include more than 500 vendors and will accommodate more than 25,000 people. Events will include live music, drone races, and rocket launch demonstrations.

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“Ensuring safety is paramount as we execute our plan to draw visitors to the Las Vegas Spaceport and establish our brand,” said Robert Lauer, CEO of the Las Vegas Spaceport. 

“Our upcoming Air Races event in the coming year will serve as a demonstration, not only for the FAA but also for the public, reaffirming our unwavering commitment to safety compliance. We look forward to hosting this event for many years to come.”

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