LyondellBasell has confirmed that it is still actively pursuing approval through the Piston Aviation Fuel Initiative for an unleaded aviation gasoline it is developing with VP Racing. As we reported on Thursday, LyondellBasell (we incorrectly called it Lyondell) did receive critiques in its first submission of a test specification to ASTM International for UL100E. LyondellBasell spokesman Dan Pourreau said the story raised questions among some about whether it had paused the process. Pourreau told AVweb responding to the critiques is part of the ASTM process and it will be done as expeditiously as possible and offered the following by way of explanation.

“LyondellBasell has not paused or suspended our efforts to obtain an ASTM test fuel specification. We continue to pursue ASTM certification for our UL100E unleaded fuel through the normal balloting process. We balloted a test fuel specification and research report on UL100E in May for the first time and the ballot closed on June 9, a week before the ASTM meeting. The ballot received 65 affirmative votes, 5 negative votes and 228 abstentions for a 93% affirmative rate.   

“Since our first ballot received a negative comment on our proposed color method that we found persuasive and others we are still reviewing, we withdrew the ballot to make the correction and reach out to the other commenters. This is the standard procedure for making even minor changes to specifications. We will ballot a revised test fuel specification and research report for additional review and comment from the ASTM community as soon as we review the other comments and reach out to their authors. Since an ASTM specification is a required element of PAFI fleet authorization, we are committed to obtaining both as expeditiously as possible.” 

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