A New Zealand company has flown a new amphibious aircraft that will likely benefit from the new MOSAIC rules when they come into force. The Vickers WAVE uses the Rotax 916 engine with a constant speed prop to power what looks like a bulked-up ICON A5 and has numbers to match. The company says the WAVE will cruise at 120 knots, climb at 1100 feet per minute and has 750 pounds of useful load in an all-up weight of 1850 pounds. Range is projected at 1,100 nm. It also features powered folding wings that can be used while on the water. It also has water thrusters in the hull.

“We have been building the WAVE for 13 years, have a full production facility and will begin deliveries next year,” said owner Paul Vickers. He said U.S. investors have 60 percent of the company and there are plans to build the plane in the U.S.

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