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MT-Propeller received a supplemental type certificate (STC) for the installation of its three-blade MTV-12 propeller on Piper PA-23-235 and PA-23-250 Aztec light twins. The STC applies to aircraft powered by Lycoming O-540A, O-540B, and IO-540C engines.

The company said the damping characteristics of the new props result in nearly vibration-free operation. The composite blades have unlimited service life and can be repaired if damaged by foreign object debris.

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The STC is also likely to elevate the Aztec’s ramp appeal. The type typically sports two-blade props that can look bland and old-fashioned.

The German propeller manufacturer also announced it has received an EASA STC for the installation of its four-blade MTV-14 propellers on Cessna 414 Chancellors with or without RAM IV and VII upgrades. The company said an FAA STC is “in progress.”

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When installed on the 414, the four-blade MT props can shorten takeoff distance by 6 percent and improve climb by 5 to 8 percent. Cruise performance gets a 3 to 5 knot boost. The props also weigh about 20 pounds less than the originals, turn with “turbine smoothness,” and significantly reduce noise inside and outside of the cabin, MT said.

MT produces 30 certified propeller models for piston and turbine aircraft. The product range includes hydraulically and electrically controlled variable-pitch props with up to seven blades as well as fixed-pitch, two-blade props.

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