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Instructors, learner pilots, and DPEs alike will need to brush up on the new Airman Certification Standards (ACS) and a couple of Practical Test Standards (PTS) that went into effect nearly across the board May 31.

The two unaffected categories are those of Aviation Mechanic (ACS-1) and Remote Pilot (ACS-10B).

Updated categories include: 

Airline Transport Pilot and Type Rating for Airplane: ACS-11A

Aircraft Dispatcher PTS: 8081-10E

Commercial Pilot, Airplane: ACS-7B

Commercial Pilot, Rotorcraft Helicopter: ACS-16

Flight Instructor, Airplane: ACS-25

Flight Instructor, Instrument Airplane and Helicopter PTS: 8081-9E

Flight Instructor, Rotorcraft Helicopter: ACS-29

Instrument Rating, Airplane: ACS-8C

Instrument Rating, Helicopter: ACS-14

Private Pilot, Airplane: ACS-6C

Private Pilot, Rotorcraft Category Helicopter: ACS-15

The individual documents are linked above to the FAA site for ease of reference. There are updates for the ATP type rating for powered lift, and the powered lift instrument, private, commercial, and instructor ratings. There is also an updated ACS Companion Guide for Pilots

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