Yesterday, the U.S. Air Force’s new head of Air Combat Command (ACC) announced he will give all wings under his authority one month to ensure all airmen adhere to the USAF’s latest dress and grooming standards. Wilsbach said, while he believes most personnel adhere to standards, he is “concerned by a discernable decline” in the more than 157,000 uniformed and civilian employees and troops’ commitment to enforcing the rules.

Wilsbach’s command oversees 28 wings worldwide, including more than 260 locations. Specialists served by the command include those operating fighter and intelligence-collection aircraft, cyber warfare specialists, and more – in North and South America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

Wilsbach wrote in the June 10 memo, “As an all-volunteer force, we willingly relinquish a portion of our individual freedoms in order to be part of an elite team. An essential element to being part of this elite team is the high standards we hold as an institution. Adherence to higher standards of conduct, dress and appearance, physical fitness, and the observance of customs and courtesies are critical to our identity as military members.”

According to the June 10 memo, ACC wing leaders have until July 17 to complete and report their inspection results.

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