At least 100 students enrolled in a South Florida flight school find themselves in a state of uncertainty after the owner of their flight school died in a plane crash prompting the abrupt shut down of operations.

The academy’s owner, Alfredo Diez, and his wife, who managed the operations, died in a March plane crash in Virginia while attempting to make an emergency landing.

According to local news outlet, CBS Miami, after the crash, students received an email notifying them that all operations have ceased leaving them uncertain of their educational and financial futures.

 Samantha Fitzgerald, a lawyer representing the owner’s estate, told CBS Miami it is unlikely any refunds would be made due to the legal complexities involved. “It’s an extremely tragic and unfortunate situation. Since the flight school owners are all dead, the estate has to go through the legal process, and creditors are paid in a certain order. In this case, there are bank loans that are secured creditors and unfortunately, they are in a priority position over the students,” she said.

Meanwhile, attorneys representing some 20 students from Atlantis Aviation Flight Academy provided CBS Miami with a statement expressing sympathy for the family’s loss while highlighting the students’ predicament—noting that they fear for their future. “These students now have to claw back their monies from a school that is no longer viable and whose assets are presently being marshaled. Unfortunately, the students will now be required to find another school which is properly accredited which will hopefully understand that they have already paid once for their education.”

The matter is currently under the jurisdiction of the Broward County probate court.

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