South Korean police have detained an Asiana passenger after he allegedly opened an exit on the A321 he was on while the plane was on short final at Daegu Airport in South Korea. The flight originated on the resort island of Jeju and was at about 700 feet when a 33-year-old man reportedly opened a cover for the door’s handle and opened it. The crew continued the approach and landed safely. The man faces a string of charges.

It would appear from photos taken on the ground that the emergency slide deployed and was ripped off in the slipstream. Twelve passengers, most of them teenagers, were taken to a hospital after reporting breathing problems but most of the seated and belted passengers suffered only windblown hairdos. The exits are operable at low altitude because there is no pressure differential between the cabin and outside air. South Korean officials are investigating whether exit management protocols were being correctly followed on this flight.

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