Pipistrel Aircraft, now a division of Textron Aviation, has delivered its first all-electric Velis Electro aircraft to Canada. The two-place, high-wing went to the Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Aeronautics (WISA) at the University of Waterloo. The institute’s partner, Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre (WWFC) will use the aircraft for research and in “a collaborative capacity to evaluate battery powered electric flight in Canada,” according to Pipistrel.

The Velis Electro has a noise levels of only 60 decibels, said the company. The T-tail design and has a payload of 378 pounds, a cruise speed of 90 knots and a range of 108 nautical miles. Pipistrel said in a statement, “The Velis Electro’s operating costs are less than half those of traditional combustion trainers. When used for short-range flying, such as primary flight instruction or traffic pattern practice, this makes a substantial difference in training costs for pilots and could play a huge role in making aviation more accessible, a much-needed change in the context of a looming pilot shortage.”

Gabriel Massey, president and managing director at Pipistrel, said, “We are privileged to have the Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Aeronautics as our first Canadian customer for the Velis Electro. This delivery is not only an exciting milestone for Pipistrel and the global presence of the Velis Electro, but also represents a steppingstone for Canada’s strategic investments to promote a greener aerospace industry and economy.”

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