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For 96-year-old Colleen Goddard, there’s no expiry date on enthusiasm, especially when it comes to her grandson Ryan.

So when the younger Goddard earned his pilot’s license near his home in British Columbia earlier this year, he knew who would be among his first passengers. The duo slipped the surly bonds together in a Cessna 172 from Campbell River Airport (CYBL) and Ryan’s two-camera video of the flight has become a local viral sensation on Vancouver Island.

Granny lived up to her grandson’s billing as the most positive influence in his life whose attitude helped him decide to learn to fly.

“Oh, this is so beautiful. Thank you, God, for making my life so beautiful. And take care of my most loved pilot,” Colleen said as they lifted off. The two took a few laps around the local area including a tour of some snow-capped mountains, and a second flight is planned.

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