Russian airlines are reportedly asking employees to stop logging aircraft defects so it can keep flying the defective planes. The Moscow Times says a worker told the Russian language investigative publication Proekt the policy has been in effect for about a year “to prevent aircraft from being grounded due to a defect, which, according to regulations, prohibits the aircraft from flying until it is fixed.” The publication said the practice is common in all airlines.

It quoted a pilot as saying a recurring fuel leak on Boeing 737 didn’t get logged but mechanics knew about it. “The Russian attitude of betting on good luck also exists in aviation,” the pilot is quoted as saying. “Obviously, it’s frightening to fly on hope alone, but unfortunately, that’s what’s happening in many airlines in the country today.” Sanctions against Russia over the invasion of Ukraine have cut off the supply of parts to airlines operating Western aircraft and the “don’t ask, don’t tell” approach only goes so far. Estimates suggest about 20 percent of those planes are being grounded every year.

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