As the legend goes, a long conga line of airliners stretched down the taxiway at (pick your big-city airport of choice). The weather was getting steamier, and so was the tone of voice between the pilots and the harried controller. Scheduled arrival times – and some duty limits – were hanging in the balance, and so was the controller’s temper.

After a few snide (but still G-rated) comments from the pilots waiting in line, the controller snapped back, angrily: “Look! We’re doing the best we can! We’ll have you all out of here soon!”

After a brief pause, an unidentified muffled voice over the frequency said, “bull$#!7.”

The controller snapped back, “Aircraft that made the obscene transmission, identify yourself!”

After a short, respectful silence on the frequency:

“American 1234, negative on the bull$#!7.”

“United 5678, negative on the bull$#!7.”

“Southwest 9123, negative on the bull$#!7.”

“Loofthansah 4567 heaffy, negatiff on der bull$#!7.”

etc, etc, etc.

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