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Skyryse, a developer of flight automation technology, said it reached 100 percent means of compliance with the FAA for its FlightOS flight control system following a review by the agency.

The company said it completed the system review with the FAA, which includes hardware, software, and human-factor components of the Skyryse system. The company said the latest milestone marks a significant advance toward certification of FlightOS, which uses a tablet-based interface to make flying easier and is meant to be used on existing certified airplanes and helicopters.

Skyryse says FlightOS is aimed at allowing “anyone to operate any aircraft safely in any situation. From skids up to set down, an entire flight can be completed with the same familiar tap-and-swipe gestures used on a mobile device.”

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FlightOS uses a full fly-by-wire system with triply-redundant, dissimilar architecture, which the Los Angeles company said increases general aviation safety to commercial air transport levels.

“From start to finish, we have been purposeful in applying FAA-certified and compliant technologies in a new and meaningful way, improving safety and the ease of flight,” said Dr. Mark Groden, founder and CEO of Skyryse. “At Skyryse, we believe it’s a moral imperative to reduce and, one day, eliminate general aviation fatalities. Skyryse is making general aviation easier and safer by removing the complexities of managing an aircraft during standard flight, inclement weather, emergencies, and critical flight operations.”

The next step in the certification process for FlightOS requires the company to collect additional data and validate its technologies through ground and flight testing.

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