Passengers aboard a Spirit Airlines flight from Montego Bay to Fort Lauderdale May 26 were told to “prepare for a water landing” but the plane landed safely back in Montego Bay. The airline said in a statement to various media the captain made the announcement “out of an abundance of caution” after the crew got an indication of an unspecified mechanical fault as the plane climbed out. Passengers were told to put on their life vests and of course shot phone video of the experience.

In a video obtained by Storyful and used by numerous TV stations and publications, shows the woman with the phone with an inflatable life vest on and shows a sea of discarded vests left on seats and the floor of the plane. Spirit says it’s inspecting the plane to see what caused the alarm.

The airline had this to say about the whole thing. “Spirit Airlines flight 270 (MBJ-FLL) returned to Montego Bay (MBJ) on May 26 out of an abundance of caution following a suspected mechanical issue. The plane landed safely at MBJ and taxied to the terminal where Guests deplaned under normal procedures. Safety is our top priority, and the aircraft will be thoroughly evaluated by our maintenance team.”

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