Boeing and NASA will update the plans for the departure of the Starliner crew vehicle from the International Space Station after the mission’s return to Earth has been delayed twice. The capsule has sprung five helium leaks and developed a problem with a valve since docking with the ISS last week. It was supposed unhook from the ISS on June 18 but that was pushed back to June 22. NASA and Boeing haven’t cited the leaks and valve as reasons for the delays, instead saying they’re evaluating the capsule’s interaction with the station.

“We are continuing to understand the capabilities of Starliner to prepare for the long-term goal of having it perform a six-month docked mission at the space station,” said Steve Stich, manager of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program. “The crew will perform additional hatch operations to better understand its handling, repeat some ‘safe haven’ testing and assess piloting using the forward window.” They’re also going to evaluate the performance of the thrusters by operating seven of the eight rear-facing thrusters while the capsule is still docked. When it finally leaves the station, it will head to an airbag-assisted parachute landing somewhere on the desert Southwest, the location depending on weather.

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