Taylor Swift has sold the Dassault Falcon 900LX she’s used for touring for the past 13 years. Could it be to impress her boyfriend? The Falcon has racked up plenty of hours getting her and up to 11 of her closest friends from concert to concert and home to Tennessee but there’s one important date it can’t make. Swift’s much-discussed “time travel” after her show in Tokyo next Saturday to see boyfriend Travis Kelce in the Super Bowl is beyond the 4750 nm range of the tri-engine bizjet. It’s 5,200nm from Tokyo to LAS. The other knock on the 900 is that Kelce can’t stand up in it on flights they take together. Cabin height is 6’2″ and Kelce is 6’5.

The deal for the 900 went through on Jan. 30 according to the FAA registry and the aircraft was bought by a Missouri LLC. Of course, there are plenty of charter options that would get Swift to Vegas in plenty of time but if she wants to break in a new mount for the time-critical mission, any number of bizjet OEMs would be happy to help. She seems happy with Dassault (she also has 7X) and would have one choice if intercontinental travel and preventing Kelce from bumping his head are priorities. The newly-certified Falcon 10x can make Tokyo-Vegas with 2500 nm to spare and would give Kelce three inches of headroom. The 8X would do in a pinch, however. It will cover the distance but Kelce will have to stoop to get to his seat in the 74-inch cabin on any future flights.

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