Authorities in Western Australia say the pilot of a prisoner transport plane had to turn back to the airport after one of three teenage inmates onboard rushed the flight deck. The detainees, all aged 17, were in restraints and started kicking the interior of the plane shortly after takeoff from Broome for Perth. One made a move for the pilot. Fortunately, the teens were outnumbered and the five guards on the plane settled them down quickly. The pilot wasn’t taking any chances, however, and headed for the runway in Broome.

“Once the first detainee had started to sort of kick and thrash, the other two decided that would be a good idea as well, and started to play up and they were also restrained by the youth custodial officers on the flight,” Corrective Services Commissioner Mike Reynolds told media. “Police further arrested one detainee at the airport and took him to the police station. He will be facing court for further charges today.” The three teens were in court before the flight, and youth custodial officers said they were OK to fly. It’s not clear what charges they faced that warranted a plane ride and five guards.

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