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Today’s Top Pick is a 1941 Boeing​/​Stearman A75N1.

When people think of biplanes, World War I fighters and other small, fragile, lightweight, and underpowered machines often come to mind. The Boeing Stearman, however, is in a different category.

It is rugged, surprisingly large and has enough power to make flying an adventure and a joy. There is nothing quite like flying a Stearman low over a Northeastern forest during autumn, when the changing foliage is at its best, or touching down gracefully on a grass strip after a day of visiting distant airports.

While the Stearman is a charismatic antique that commands attention at just about any airport, it is not especially rare, so there are many opportunities to own one in today’s market. And while few airplanes are truly inexpensive, the Stearman is among the more affordable flying collectibles.

They still serve as great trainers as well, especially for those aspiring to fly high-performance warbirds. Just like the Army Air Corps trainees of the 1940s, civilian pilots who master a Stearman today can be ready to take the next training step toward fast piston fighters like the P-51 Mustang.  

This 1941 Stearman has 5,816 hours on the airframe and 629 on its Continental W670 radial engine since overhaul. The aircraft is covered with Ceconite and was last painted in 1987. The VFR panel includes a 720-channel comm radio, Isocom intercom and traditional analog instruments.

Pilots who wish to sample what military flight cadets experienced during World War II, or simply seek the pleasure of flying a handsome vintage biplane, should consider this 1941 Boeing/Stearman, which is available for $71,500 on AircraftForSale.

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