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Today’s Top Pick is a 1946 ERCO 415-C Ercoupe.

Fred Weick, an airmail pilot, aircraft designer, and engineer who also helped advance early airmail operations, left his fingerprints on a number of famously safe and reliable airplanes, including the Piper PA-28. Before that, though, he designed the Ercoupe, which used simplified controls and limited control-surface movement to help keep pilots from losing control of their aircraft.

The Ercoupe reflects many lessons learned from an experimental Weick design called the W-1. The W-1 and W-1A tested several safety features, ranging from reduced pitch control to tricycle landing gear. The Ercoupe followed and was marketed as a “safety airplane” with extremely forgiving flight characteristics.

The aircraft’s reluctance to depart controlled flight made it popular among flight students and casual aviators looking for a safe, easy-to-fly airplane. The endearing Ercoupe has a devoted following among owners who continue to fly and maintain them. Owning an aircraft like this opens a door into an interesting chapter of aviation history.  

This 1946 Ercoupe has 2,264 hours on the airframe and 785 hours on its Continental C-75 engine. The VFR panel includes the most basic instruments, such as a compass, altimeter, airspeed and engine rpm and oil pressure and temperature gauges. The aircraft also carries a trig comm radio and a non-ADS-B transponder. 

Pilots with solid pilotage navigation skills, or tablets in their laps, who seek a traditional 1940s-style general aviation experience should consider this 1946 ERCO 415-C Ercoupe, which is available for $28,750 on AircraftForSale.

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