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Today’s Top Pick is an 1947 Aeronca 7AC Champion

While the Piper Cub might be the definitive vintage taildragger, the Aeronca Champ is always in the running. Some pilots even prefer the Aeronca, especially those who feel you should solo an airplane from the front seat, not the rear. Beyond that design-specific detail, the little fabric-covered machine is a forgiving flier that invites pilots to test their skill on grass strips and remote off-airport fields.

Among GA airplanes of the 1940s, the Aeronca is particularly versatile and comfortable to use. Its tall cabin and large windshield provide great visibility in flight or when taxiing, so you will not need to S-turn in the ground or rely on electronics or automation aloft to help you see where you are going. While ideal for short hops around local airports, the Champ can be a pleasure on longer trips when pilot and passenger have time to spare. It’s still faster than driving.

This 1947 Aeronca Champion has 3,382 hours on the airframe and 281 hours since overhaul on its 75 hp four-cylinder Continental engine. The airframe received new covering in 2010.

The Aeronca’s panel confirms it as a VFR-only airplane with basic engine instruments, airspeed indicator, altimeter and nothing as advanced as an artificial horizon. This aircraft, which qualifies under modern light sport rules, urges pilots to keep their eyes outside the cockpit.

Pilots looking for a classic vintage airplane that will help them maintain their tailwheel skills while offering a more tactile, visceral flying experience, should consider this 1947 Aeronca 7AC Champion, which is available for $35,000 on AircraftForSale.

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