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Today’s Top Pick is a 1949 Stinson 108-3.

The Stinson 108 series of rag-and-tube aircraft were among the most popular models in the general aviation boom in the wake of World War II. Its four-seat layout set it apart from typical high-wing taildraggers of the time, most of which had just two seats. The Stinson was more like a roomy family car when compared with Piper Cubs, Taylorcrafts, and Luscombes. Indeed, the company called certain utility versions of the 108 “station wagons.”

The 108 made its debut in 1946 as an enlarged derivative of the earlier Stinson Voyager and progressed through a series of improved versions, including the 108-1, 108-2, and 108-3. Each successive model came with improvements such as more powerful engines and redesigned controls. Production was brisk and Stinson built more than 5,000 108s before Piper acquired the company in 1948. Piper continued to assemble Stinson aircraft from the existing supply of parts and sold them over several years into the 1950s, but the acquisition essentially marked the end for Stinson.

This Stinson 1949 108-3 has 738 hours on the airframe and 215 hours on its 165 hp Franklin engine. The aircraft underwent a restoration in 2012. Its panel includes a Garmin GNC 250XL GPS/com with a moving map, GTX 320A transponder, and vintage instruments that are new or overhauled.

Pilots interested in owning a classic aircraft that continues to serve as practical transportation while drawing a crowd at the airport should consider this 1949 Stinson 108-3, which is available for $125,000 on AircraftForSale.

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