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Today’s Top Pick is a 1959 Cessna 310C.

I have a long-standing affection for the Cessna 310, and I know I am not alone. There is something about the design that makes it especially appealing. Make that a few things, like two powerful engines, sleek tip tanks, and a silhouette that looks sharp from every angle. About 15 years ago, I found a 310 POH at a used bookstore and read it repeatedly in preparation for owning such an aircraft, should I ever find the right one. Essentially I was cultivating a dream.

This 1959 model is one of those standout airplanes that suggests dreams could come true, especially if you prefer the clean, unadorned lines of the early 310s. While Cessna designed this machine for business travel, it is also ideal for family trips. Its speed, useful load, and the redundancy of two engines can open the door to longer, more ambitious journeys.

This 1959 310C has 3,841 hours on the airframe and 1,219 hours since overhaul on each engine. The panel includes an Aspen Pro 1000C, Garmin 530W, Garmin 430, JPI engine monitor, and S-TEC 30 autopilot with heading mode, altitude hold, and GPSS tracking.

Pilots in the market for a speedy light twin with mid-century modern flare should consider this 1959 Cessna 310C, which is available for $89,900 on AircraftForSale.

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