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Today’s Top Pick is a 1965 Piper PA-18-160 Super Cub.

Piper’s PA-18 Super Cub evolved from the legendary J-3 and the PA-11 Cub Special that followed, but with flaps, electrical systems, and engines typically in the 150 hp range, the Super Cub performed like none of its ancestors. Known for taking off and landing within a few hundred feet or less, these airplanes came to define STOL and backcountry flying. Many wound up on oversize tires, skis, or floats, plying the Alaskan bush and other challenging environments.

Modification was the name of the game with Super Cubs, with owners tailoring the aircraft to their specialized needs. Indeed, it is difficult to find a stock Super Cub these days. Most will have at least a few upgrades to their engines, fuel systems, and airframes. Mods range from high-performance propellers and exhaust systems and lightweight starters to extended baggage compartments, external racks, and cargo pods. 

This Super Cub has 10,060 hours on the airframe and 50 hours on its Lycoming O-320 B2B engine. The aircraft received new paint and interior in 2011. Its basic VFR panel includes a Becker com radio and intercom.

Pilots looking for the singular experience of flying what many consider the grandfather of backcountry aviation should consider this 1965 Piper PA-18-160 Super Cub, which is available for $112,965 on AircraftForSale.

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